Surgical Success Stories - #174 to #177

Surgery Funded - 174.png
Surgery Funded - 171.png

This is Hegane Gute. She has suffered from prolapse for four years. She is a widow with six children and is so glad to have received sponsorship for her surgery.

Bafite Ashanso has had a prolapse for four years. She has been pregnant nine times and sadly, only two of her children are living. Thank you for helping her!


Surgery Funded - 172.png

This is Abaynesh Anjulo who has had a prolapsed uterus for 15 years. It has been especially serious for the past four years and has caused many issues. She has four children and is grateful for this life-changing surgery. 


Surgery Funded - 177.png

This is Gistane Alaro. She had prolapse surgery at another hospital 5 years ago and the condition returned one year later. She has been pregnant 11 times and has delivered 12 children. All are ALIVE!  She had prolapse several years before her last surgery and Dr. Mark and his team are going to restore this mom's dignity again. Thank you donors!