Surgical Success Stories - #170 to #173

Surgery Funded - 170.png
Surgery Funded - 171.png

This is Amsale Demise, a fourty-five year old who has five children. She is married and has suffered from prolapse for two years. Before she was able to have surgery she needed to be treated for pneumonia. Her treatment was successful and she had surgery a few days after coming to Soddo Christian Hospital!

Hirut Badacho is a mother of 10 children and has been suffering with prolapse for five years. Thank you to our donors who have sponsored her life-changing surgery!


Surgery Funded - 172.png

Worke Wotango has also recently had her prolapse uterus surgery sponsored after suffering with this condition for three years. This widow and mother of three is so thankful!


Surgery Funded - 173.png

This is Merkebe Mena, a mother of five who has been having obstetiric issues for a year. Her medical condition was very serious when she came to Dr. Mark and his team. Thank you to all who have supported this project and helped women like Merkebe have a better life.