We work to support six main projects:


  • Group Home

  • Prolapsed Uterus Surgeries

  • Busajo

  • Girls Gotta Run

  • Girls Soccer Teams

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Gems & Java is our main fundraising event each year. It features purses, jewelry, coffee, desserts, live music and a silent auction. You will get a chance to hear about what MWAHFE is supporting and how you can get involved. Join us!

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volunteers & supporters

This organization is completely run by volunteers! We would love for you to meet them and see how you can get involved.

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Our donors, sponsors and board make our events and projects a reality so that lives can be changed in Ethiopia. Say hello!

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Six Projects, Six Ways to Empower Women, Support Children and Promote Education in Ethiopia


We invite you to get to know each of the projects we're involved in. We think you'll be as inspired as we are to get involved and make a difference in Ethiopia.


 We began as three moms who saw needs in Ethiopia and wanted to respond. Now we are a team of over 100 volunteers supporting women, children and education in that beautiful East African country.

From our founder: Shelley Green

For 15 years my heart longed to adopt a little girl internationally.  Over that time, another prayer was for God to show me what He wanted me to do to serve Him.  My two prayers were answered in June 2010 when my mom and I travelled to Ethiopia to meet and bring home my little girl!

During our two week stay in my daughter’s birth country, we were forever impacted and changed by the abject poverty we saw 360 degrees around us. We quickly learned that over 65,000 people live on the streets in the capital city, Addis Ababa. Many of those people are children living on the streets without parents or any adult to care for them, protect them, or show them love.

The generosity of friends and family back in Canada allowed us to reach out to over 25 children living on the streets and offer meals, clothing, blankets, plastic tarps and shoe shine kits (to provide an opportunity to earn a living). Six boys were sent to boarding school and were off the streets.  Right before our eyes, my mom and I saw how the resources we have in Canada can make life changing differences in the lives of the Ethiopians who have so very, very little.

Ethiopia is beautiful and the people are warm, welcoming, strong - and wanting a better tomorrow.  In Canada, we are so blessed to have access to medical care, clean water, education, transportation, income-generating jobs, affordable food to eat, homes to keep us dry and comfortable, and government programs to care for our most vulnerable.  In Ethiopia, none of the comforts and privileges we so easily take for granted are a certainty. In fact, their reality is very different from ours.

Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia was born out of a desire to help others better understand how they can make a difference in the lives of women and children in Ethiopia.  We want to show care and love to women and children through the financial support of programs that will improve quality of life and provide hope.

Our work is a life long journey that has just begun and the blessing of helping women and children in Ethiopia (my daughter’s birthplace) is more than I could ever have imagined. 

Will you journey with us?


Ethiopia2014 until Wednesday 407.JPG
Shelley with Child in White

The goal of our fundraising efforts is to provide financial resources to programs that assist Ethiopian women and children living in poverty. Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia is committed to accomplishing this in a culturally sensitive, effective and appropriate manner.


Fundraising Efforts

Gems & Java, held annually in the spring.

Mini Gems & Java, hosted by volunteers in other cities throughout the year.

Jewelry & Scarves, made by Ethiopian women, providing employment.

Community Partners, finding opportunities to raise funds through creative means.

Monthly Sponsors, committed to supporting MWAHFE with donations on a monthly basis.




Where do your donations go?


All receipted donations are directed to Devxchange International Development. Devxchange is a registered Canadian charity and is responsible for ensuring that all funds are directed responsibly and with integrity. Devxchange, along with the Project Leaders from MWAHFE, stay connected to each of our projects to monitor progress, share successes and make sure that our donors, sponsors and volunteers are giving to projects that are done in a culturally sensitive, effective and appropriate manner.

If you would like to make a donation or become one of our monthly financial partners, please click the "Donate" button to get started!