Surgical Success Stories - #93... all the way to #97!

Dr. Mark and his obstetrics team at Soddo Christian Hospital have been busy! They have just sent us the photos and stories of six more women who have had their lives changed through surgeries sponsored by Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia. 

Majute Badacha.JPG

Majute Badacha is a 45-year-old woman who has had four pregnancies and four children. She has had prolapse for six years and has been a widow for four years. Thank you so much for making a big difference in her life.

Dinkenesh Folla.JPG

Dinkenesh Folla has been pregnant five times and has been a widow for 10 years. She was suffering from third-degree UVP for eight years. Thank you for helping her.

Guneshe Olecha.JPG

Guneshe Olecha has been pregnant nine times. She delivered six children, had three miscarriages and has three living children. She has suffered with a very large cystocele for six years. She has been a widow for nine years. She is so grateful that she underwent surgery.

Marta Mota Gravida.JPG

Marta Mota Gravida is an extremely poor woman. Her husband left her eight years ago to raise her children by herself. She had severe abnormal bleeding and cystocele. Thank you for making such a difference in her life. She received two units of blood before surgery and one unit at the end of her surgery. She is now doing very well!

Dupase Ducho has delivered 10 childrenand sadly, only two are living. She has been a widow for 16 years and has suffered with severe prolapse for six years. She is very grateful for her surgery.