Surgical Success Stories - #88... all the way to #92!

We are so pleased to introduce you to three women whose surgeries were sponsored by Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia. Thank you too all of our donors who have helped to change these lives.


This is Mune Desalegn. She is 80-years-old and has delivered 14 children. Seven of these children are still living. She has been a widow for 20 years and has suffered with prolapse for several years.

Mane Eligo has been a widow for eight years. She has delivered seven children and has four of them remaining. She has suffered greatly with severe prolapse for four years. 

Burkinesh Birahanu has suffered from 4th degree uterine vaginal prolapse for over six years. She is married and has been pregnant seven times. Burkinesh underwent surgery earlier this week.

Galene Esrael is a 60-year-old mother who has had 4th degree prolapse for six years. She is married and is very grateful that she is having surgery done. This is going to make such a tremendous change in her life.

Kongit Kolicha had 3rd degree uterine prolapse and underwent surgery earlier this week. Her family only had funds to pay for 20% of her care. The rest of it as being under written by MWAHFE. She is very happy for this great contribution that will help change her life. She had suffered from prolapse for greater than six years. She is married and has six children. Thank you thank you so very much for your help!