Surgical Success Stories - #195, #196 & #197

Surgery Funded - 195.png

This is Tame and she is a 45-year-old widow. She had nine children but sadly only three are still alive.  She’s had prolapse for the past 3 years and was so grateful to have her  surgery performed.

Surgery Funded - 196.png

Aynasem is 35 years old. Her prolapse was very severe and she had suffered from it for three years.  She has had five children and four of them are still alive and live with her and her husband.  Her surgery went very well!

Surgery Funded - 197.png

This is Baraze and she is 60.  She has had eight children and four of them are still alive. She lives with her husband and has been struggling with her prolapse for three years.  She, as well as all of these sweet ladies, are so grateful to have had surgery and for your kind generosity.