Surgical Success Stories - #144, #145, #146

Surgery Funded - 144.png

Please meet Almaz Oche who has had prolapse for two years. She is married and has five children. She was very anxious to get her prolapse repaired. Thank you for helping to make it happen.

Surgery Funded - 145.png

This lovely lady is married and has delivered ten children. Her name is Burkinesh Wana. She has prolapse for two years. She was so excited to have her surgery!

Surgery Funded - 146.png

Please meet Tarafe Tone, a widow and mom of five who has suffered from severe prolapse for four years. She also has hyperthyroidism, which has made it challenging to perform her surgery. Her medications were able to be covered by our MWAHFE donors. She was very happy to have surgery. Thank you so very much.