Teaching new skills and empowering young women in the process?
That's what we're all about!

We sponsor two girls soccer teams in Harar, in the eastern part of Ethiopia, where female sports teams are not so common. But for the fifty incredible young ladies and four dedicated coaches that make these teams a reality, soccer is everything. 

These ambitious girls dream of playing soccer at a higher level - maybe even representing their country on the national stage. But those dreams are also about a whole lot more than soccer. For many players, the hope is that soccer could be a ticket out of poverty. The barriers these girls face can at times seem insurmountable. Some of the players have faced family or neighbourhood pressure to stop playing soccer. Some don't have enough food to eat. Others live on the street and sell small items to survive.

But nothing stops these girls. They're fast learners, and they're driven. They also have a crew of kind, compassionate coaches cheering them on. The four coaches have their own challenges and families to support, but they continue to back these players on and off the field. 

Each of them has so much potential. Our dollars simply help harness that power. And we can't wait to see how far they'll go!


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