Where our heart comes from...

You may have heard some alarming statistics:

  • Childbirth is a top cause of death in girls aged 15 to 18 in developing countries.

  • Cycles of poverty, violence and ignorance continue when girls are not educated.

  • 80% of human trafficking victims are girls.

But, we also know that educated girls marry later, have children later and have fewer, healthier children. The benefits of education include improved health and enhanced status in the community. Economies grow as more girls are educated. We know that educating girls and empowering women is one of the best investments we can make in developing countries like Ethiopia.

The WRAPS program that we support gives young women the chance to stay in school when they get their periods. It also provides employment for women, many of whom have experienced tragedy and trauma in their lives. 

The Girls Gotta Run program invests not only in the athletic scholars at the heart of the program, but also provides support to a girl's entire family, through financial literacy training and a savings group for mothers.

We see an incredible amount of potential in the children of Ethiopia - boys and girls alike. That's why we also support projects like the Group Home and Busajo. We want to educate and provide for the youth of Ethiopia to encourage future leaders.

With projects like Prolapsed Uterus Surgeries, we're helping to restore health and dignity to women's lives.

You're invited to get to know these projects . . .we think you're going to be touched by this work and the difference that it makes for women and children in Ethiopia!