Surgical Success Stories - Faltase, Aster, Mesegebe, Amate (#269 to & #272)

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Faltase is a sixty-year-old widow. She has had seven children and five are still alive. She’s suffered from her prolapse for one year and was so happy after her surgery to be prolapse free!

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Aster is 70. She has had six children and four of them are still alive. Amazingly, she’s only had her prolapse for one year but in that short time it had gotten very bad. She had a very successful surgery and is now recovering very well.

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Mesegebe is a widow who has sadly lost all of her children. Some of them died later in life which is how she has grandchildren that she now lives with. She is about 60 years old and has given birth to six children and has suffered from her prolapse for ten years. Despite all of these difficulties Dr. Nate says that she really has a great attitude and a sweet spirit. It definitely comes through from her picture!

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This lovely woman is Amate who is 45 years old. She has given birth to five children and four are still alive. She’s had her prolapse for 10 years and had a great outcome from her surgery. Thank you to our donors for making this happen!

Surgical Success Story - Askale (#263)

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Askale is a widow who has delivered six children, four of whom are living. She is very poor and has suffered from prolapse for more than seven years. She learned about our surgical sponsorship project from the women attending a Bible study that Allison (our WRAPS partner) was teaching in the countryside. She happened to mention that we were helping women with this condition free of charge. Askale is so grateful. She said she thought it would never be possible for her to have assistance with this condition. 

Thank you for helping her regain her dignity. 

Surgical Success Stories - Ayelech & Ayalech (#261 & #262)

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Ayelech has suffered from a prolapse uterus for eight years. She had surgery at another hospital for the same problem six years ago. Her prolapse was very significant but has now undergone successful surgery at Soddo Christian Hospital. She has delivered three children and one of them is still living. When the doctors were speaking to her husband about her medical challenges he responded, “I just want her to be healthy.” So thankful that she has the opportunity now!

Surgery Funded - 262.png

Ayalech is a widow who has suffered from prolapse for ten years. She has delivered six children but only three are still alive. She is so grateful for your assistance in helping to give her life back. Her surgery went very well!

Surgical Success Stories - Four More Surgeries! (#257 to & #260)

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Abebech has had prolapse for the past year. She has had five children and four are still alive. Her husband has five other wives (polygamy is fairly common in the rural areas of Ethiopia) and she lives with one of her children. Thank you for helping Abebech!

Surgery Funded - 258.png

Tadelech has had prolapse for four years. She has six children who are all still living. She is so very happy to be free of her prolapse!

Surgery Funded - 259.png

Loire is a mother of six children, four of whom are still living. She has had prolapse for three years and is now prolapse free thanks to our donors.

Surgery Funded - 260.png

Buruchke has had nine children and seven are still living. She’s had prolapse for four years and is now healing and recovering from her life-changing surgery.

Celebrating 100 Surgeries: Amarach's Story

“Now I am glad, I am joyful, I can do whatever I want.”

Amarach, 45, from a rural community near the Bucama Health Clinic outside Soddo, Ethiopia

Amarach, 45, from a rural community near the Bucama Health Clinic outside Soddo, Ethiopia

Those are the words of Amarach, a 45-year-old mother of 11 children who suffered with a prolapsed uterus for a year. What she remembers most about the condition?

The shame, the pain, and the smell.

“I was smelling, it was not good. Even the wound was bleeding,” Amarach told us when we sat down to chat at the Bucama Health Clinic in Ethiopia.

No one understood what was wrong – but they could smell it. So Amarach hid herself away and share her suffering with anyone.

Her kids noticed something was afoot. But Amarach felt ashamed about what was happening with her body.

When her family asked what was wrong, she said, “oh, I don’t know.” Her husband threatened to leave her, and told her “there is no pain.”

Amarach was tired. She’d been leaving with near-constant pain. She felt so weak.

The nuns at Bucama tried to help Amarach, giving her medication. But three weeks later, the pain came back with a vengeance. She was referred to Soddo Christian Hospital. She needed surgery to correct her prolapsed uterus.

Without Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia, the procedure would have been impossible.

“I had nothing, not even one cent, one birr,” Amarach said about paying for an operation.

She was overwhelmed with gratitude, thanking us profusely. Amarach raised her arms to the heavens to thank God for answering her prayers when she spoke about the surgery.

It gave Amarach her life back.

Now I am glad, I am joyful, I can do whatever I want.
— Amarach

“I am so sorry for those who did not have a chance to have this surgery like me,” she said.

Everything has changed for her.

“Now I am happy. My body smells like perfume – better than perfume.”

Thank you, Amarach, for your courage, your heart, and for inviting us to share in a moment of beautiful vulnerability. We are so thankful.