Life After Prolapse Surgery: a qualitative study

I used to have to walk by holding the prolapse; I couldn’t walk like I wanted to. I had a lot of problems. But I’m thankful after the surgery; it was a big change. I had suffered for six years.
— 32-year-old married woman

We love to support the work that the OBGYNs at Soddo Christian Hospital are doing by raising funds to sponsor surgeries for women who need a uterine prolapse repaired. You can learn all about this project here.

Recently a study was done on the effects of this surgery for women in rural Ethiopia and it came out with some very hopeful findings.

Interested in digging a little deeper into the struggles and triumphs of these women and those who are committed to caring for them? Click the link below to read the full study.

And, of course, you are invited to donate to this project to help even more women in rural Ethiopia.