Our AGM & A Special Thanks to Carol

We held our Annual General Meeting on May 16th. We celebrated the accomplishments over the past year of our organization, our partners in Ethiopia, our volunteers and donors. Thank you to all of our board members for their contributions, their passion and their commitment.

Annual Meeting 2016

Pictured in the front row from left to right are: Karen Gresty, Bonnie Pilkey and Carol Bailey.  Pictured in the back row from left to right are: Shelley Green, Kyle Easton, Barb Reid, Tracey Hedges, Lisa Miettinen and Tami Coyle (our board recorder).

We also took the opportunity to thank Carol Bailey for her service on the board and as the Chairperson of our Governance and Finance Committee. Carol contributed to the work of our organization in a very significant ways. She developed many policies, our by-laws and a strategic plan for our organization. Carol has created a solid foundation for our organization through her work. The experience she brought to our board was invaluable. Thank you so much Carol!  We will miss you but will value what you have given to our organization and those we are here to serve.