Surgical Success Stories - 5 More Surgeries! (#295 to & #299)

Surgery Funded - 295.png

Bafite is 50 years old and is widowed. She had suffered from her prolapse for the past eight years and is now prolapse free! She has had a challenging life and gave birth to nine children but only one has survived. She lives with one of her grandchildren and despite her difficulties has a wonderful attitude, a beautiful smile, and a sparkle in her eyes!

Surgery Funded - 296.png

Alamayehu is also 50 years old and widowed. She had 5 children and remarkably they are all still alive! She had her prolapse for the past year but in that brief time it became very severe. She lives in an area which speaks a different language than the rest of this area. Fortunately she was accompanied by her son who was able to translate for her. She is now prolapse free and is recovering well.

Surgery Funded - 297.png

Meselech says she is only 35 years of age. She’s suffered from her prolapse for the past year. She had four children, all of whom are still alive, and her husband is still alive. She’s now recovering on the ward and should be heading home very soon now free from prolapse.

Surgery Funded - 292.png

Anshame is 50 years old and had eight children and six of them are still alive. Her husband is still alive and he works as a farmer in the area. She’s suffered from her prolapse and has now had a successful surgery to correct it.

Surgery Funded - 299.png

Goite is 55 years old and widowed. She had six children and four of them are still alive and she lives with two of her children in the Gadalla area. Her prolapse had been present for three years but she is now prolapse free as well. We’re not sure her smile could be any bigger than it was before her surgery!