Surgical Success Stories - 6 Surgeries! (#301 to #306)

Surgery Funded - 301.png

Eshale is 50 years old. She is married and had eight children, six of whom are still alive. She had suffered from her prolapse for one year and hers was an unusual type that primarily involved the small intestine, called an enterocoele. She is recovering very well now!

Surgery Funded - 302.png

Taylake had a very successful surgery. She is 65 years old and had six children, all of whom are still alive. She had her prolapse for more than six years before having it addressed by the doctors.

Surgery Funded - 303.png

After a blood transfusion the doctors were able to successfully perform Woyzare’s surgery. She is 40 years old and married. She had eight children and seven are still living. She’s suffered for two years with prolapse and it had even gotten to the point where she was having difficulty walking. She is grateful for the support of our donors!

Surgery Funded - 304.png

Elfinesh states that she is 50 but the doctors think that she’s probably closer to 65. She is widowed and had seven children, six of whom are still alive. She is accompanied by her granddaughter. She had very severe prolapse that was bothering her for the past year. The good news is that she is prolapse free and that she was singing during her surgery. She is a very very precious lady!

Surgery Funded - 305.png

Aster is 55 and she lives with one of her eight children who are still alive after giving birth to 11. She has her prolapse for the last four years and is now doing well back on the ward.

Surgery Funded - 306.png

All states she is 55 years old. She lives with one of her children. She had nine children and six are still alive. She’s suffered from her prolapse for the past year and was so happy and grateful to have her surgery performed today.