Surgical Success Stories - Faltase, Aster, Mesegebe, Amate (#269 to & #272)

Surgery Funded - 269.png

Faltase is a sixty-year-old widow. She has had seven children and five are still alive. She’s suffered from her prolapse for one year and was so happy after her surgery to be prolapse free!

Surgery Funded - 270.png

Aster is 70. She has had six children and four of them are still alive. Amazingly, she’s only had her prolapse for one year but in that short time it had gotten very bad. She had a very successful surgery and is now recovering very well.

Surgery Funded - 271.png

Mesegebe is a widow who has sadly lost all of her children. Some of them died later in life which is how she has grandchildren that she now lives with. She is about 60 years old and has given birth to six children and has suffered from her prolapse for ten years. Despite all of these difficulties Dr. Nate says that she really has a great attitude and a sweet spirit. It definitely comes through from her picture!

Surgery Funded - 272.png

This lovely woman is Amate who is 45 years old. She has given birth to five children and four are still alive. She’s had her prolapse for 10 years and had a great outcome from her surgery. Thank you to our donors for making this happen!