Surgical Success Stories - Yogite, Adanech & Ayelech (#273 to #275)

Surgery Funded - 273.png

Yogite is 60 and has had prolapse for four years. She’s widowed and lives with one of her five children who are still alive after she giving birth to eight. She was so so pleased to be able to come in and have her surgery performed. She feels wonderful and should be going home very soon!

Surgery Funded - 274.png

Adanech is 47 years old and married. She’s had prolapse for three years and along with some other issues . She’s had eight children and seven of them are still alive. The team at Soddo Christian Hospital were able to successfully address her prolapse and other issues . She is recovering and doing well.

Surgery Funded - 275.png

Ayelech is 50 years old and has had prolapse for two years. She has given birth to six children and four are still alive. She lives with her husband and helps on their family farm. Her surgery went particularly well and she is very pleased with the result!