Sponsor Support: Green Private Wealth Counsel

We’ve been so lucky to have the support of a dedicated local business since Gems & Java was started more than eight years ago. Green Private Wealth Counsel has stuck with us since the beginning!

Paul Green of Green Private Wealth Counsel, a longtime sponsor of Gems & Java and our very first Presenting Sponsor.

Paul Green of Green Private Wealth Counsel, a longtime sponsor of Gems & Java and our very first Presenting Sponsor.

That’s a pretty incredible feat in today’s environment, when most companies are inundated with requests for sponsorship, donations, and other financial contributions.

Paul Green has a close connection to our work - Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia’s founder Shelley Green is his sister! - but Green Private Wealth is also dedicated to supporting a variety of good causes in the community.

This year, the company took on a new role, becoming our first ever Presenting Sponsor of Gems & Java.

“Paul Green has been a very generous sponsor right from our very first Gems & Java and he has faithfully continued his support,” Shelley said.

“Thank you Paul for believing in the work our volunteers are doing, for seeing the need of children and women living in abject poverty in Ethiopia, and for choosing to respond with generosity!”

Paul told us that he has continued to support our projects through sponsorship at Gems & Java for three main reasons.

He’s confident in the way our organization is run, he sees how our base of support continues to grow, and perhaps most importantly, he recognizes the “immense passion” of our volunteers.

Though Green Private Wealth contributes to all kinds of initiatives, Paul has a particular soft spot for efforts that will benefit underprivileged children.

He once told us: “Kids need love. They need people in their lives.”

With Gems & Java continuing to grow every year - the 2019 event raised $121,000, the first time we’ve surpassed the $100,000 milestone! - Paul said he’s happy the firm can play a small part in our success.

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“Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia is well run and managed with extremely low overhead. The organization is truly committed to making a big difference,” he said.

We were so pleased to welcome David Harris, another member of the Green Private Wealth team, to our Friday night event to bring greetings from our presenting sponsor. Thank you David for taking the time to come speak to our guests!

The role that sponsors like Green Private Wealth Counsel play is absolutely invaluable. Their financial contributions cover the expenses we incur putting on a top-notch fundraiser like Gems & Java, which means the dollars you donate go exactly where you want them - to support the projects and programs in Ethiopia that help women and children seize the power of potential.

Thank you Paul, David, and the entire Green Private Wealth team for your loyalty, generosity, and continued decision to help make life better for strangers halfway across the world.