Surgical Success Stories - Four More Surgeries! (#257 to & #260)

Surgery Funded - 257.png

Abebech has had prolapse for the past year. She has had five children and four are still alive. Her husband has five other wives (polygamy is fairly common in the rural areas of Ethiopia) and she lives with one of her children. Thank you for helping Abebech!

Surgery Funded - 258.png

Tadelech has had prolapse for four years. She has six children who are all still living. She is so very happy to be free of her prolapse!

Surgery Funded - 259.png

Loire is a mother of six children, four of whom are still living. She has had prolapse for three years and is now prolapse free thanks to our donors.

Surgery Funded - 260.png

Buruchke has had nine children and seven are still living. She’s had prolapse for four years and is now healing and recovering from her life-changing surgery.