Surgical Success Stories - Shimale & Wayze (#245 & #246)

Surgery Funded - 245.png

Shimale has unbelievably suffered from prolapse for 20 years - yes, 20 YEARS! - ever since the birth of her last child. She’s a 55-year-old widow and has given birth to nine children but only one has survived. She lives with that daughter. When her surgery was finished the smile on her face filled the room and she would not let go of my Dr. Nat'e’s hand.  She was SO thankful to you for her care and for the way that her life was changed! Isn’t her smile amazing!? According to Dr. Nate, it was even bigger in the operating room!

Surgery Funded - 246.png

Wayze thinks that she’s around fifty years old but she’s not sure. She is widowed and has had six children, three of whom are still alive. She’s had prolapse for three years and her surgery went extremely well. Thank you to our donors!