Busajo: Your Donations Matter

We are so excited to show you where some of your recent donations for Busajo have been directed. This is a fabulous organization that helps children living on the street in Soddo, giving them shelter, education, love, healthcare and other necessities like clothing and shoes.

Kids who show they are committed to a daytime education program are invited to come live at the Busajo campus, an idyllic spot with room to play, learn and develop life skills. The incredible leaders and mentors at Busajo also focus heavily on reuniting children with their families, offering the supports they need to strengthen that relationship. The reunification success rate is an astounding 85%.

Thanks to YOUR donations to Busajo and to our general fund, we were able to equip hundreds of children with shirts, sweaters, shoes, socks, pants and underwear. You helped to pay for linens, mattresses and bunk beds for dozens of children to have a safe and comfortable place to lay their heads.

Some of the necessities YOU helped to purchase for children in the Busajo program.

Some of the necessities YOU helped to purchase for children in the Busajo program.

Your funds provided crucial medical check-ups. Many of the children who come to Busajo have been fighting for their survival on the streets, with no access to clean water, healthy food, or any sort of health or psychological care.

In addition to all of these tangible items, your donations also helped to pay for ongoing educational efforts at the Busajo campus.

Thank you so very much for the care, kindness and financial support you are providing to these vulnerable children. We couldn’t do it without you.