Surgical Success Stories - #201-206

Surgery Funded - 201.png

Bizunesh underwent surgery for 3rd degree prolapse. She is married, was pregnant eight times and six of her children are living. She had suffered from prolapse for one year. 

Surgery Funded - 202.png

Ribican is 35 years old and has two children. She is married and lives with her husband and her children. She has suffered from prolapse for two years and has now had a successful surgery!

Surgery Funded - 203.png

Amarech is 30 years old. She is married and had six children, four of whom are still alive. She had prolapse for eight years and after failing some conservative measures with a pessary and she was able to have surgery to finally permanently help her.

Surgery Funded - 204.png

Furume is 35 and has had prolapse for 20 years, ever since the birth of her first of six children. Five are still alive and she was able to have successful surgery that will permanently address her issues. It’s hard to imagine that she has suffered from this for 20 years. We are so glad that she no longer needs to suffer.

Surgery Funded - 205.png

Dalite Dana is 40 years old and has four living children after giving birth to six. She’s had prolapse for a long eight years. She is now free of her prolapse and recovering well. And she gave Dr. Mark a big thumbs up before surgery!

Surgery Funded - 206.png

Woyize is only 35 but had a very severe prolapse for 3 years and is the mother of five children. Although her prolapse was very severe, Dr. Mark an Dr. Nate were able to successfully help her.