Surgical Success Stories - #211-216

Surgery Funded - 211.png

Mulunesh has delivered eight children; six are alive. She is married and has had severe prolapse for over two years. She is very grateful not to have this problem now thanks to you!

Surgery Funded - 212.png

Workinesh is married and has delivered four children but only one of them are living at this time. She has had prolapse for eight years and is also very grateful not to have this condition any more.

Surgery Funded - 213.png

Malime is married and has been pregnant 11 times. She delivered 10 children of whom eight are living. She has suffered from prolapse for eight years and has now had a successful surgery!

Surgery Funded - 214.png

Meskale is 55 year old, widowed, and lives with two of her grandchildren. She has two living children and three that have passed away. She has had prolapse for three years and now she no longer has any prolapse concerns.

Surgery Funded - 215.png

Turungay is only 35 years old. She’s had prolapse for four years after giving birth to her last child. She had five children but only two are living and she lives with them as well as her husband who is a farmer.  She was so happy to have her prolapse taken care of by your kind generosity.

Surgery Funded - 216.png

Belame is 50 years of age., widowed and lives with one of her five children.  She had one child who passed away.  She’s had prolapse for four years and now she is freed from that problem.