Surgical Success Stories - Belaynesh, Galdame & Byenech (#308 to #310)

Surgery Funded - 308.png

Belaynesh is 40 and has six children who are all still living! She’s married and her prolapse returned about one year ago after her previous surgery and it quickly became very severe. She was able to go home as a new woman!

Surgery Funded - 309.png

Galdame thinks she is around 50 years old. She had four children and three are still alive. Her prolapse came back just one year after her first surgery so she’s suffered again for the last four years. She was also able to go home a changed woman. She was so so grateful to have her surgery and she had a huge smile on her face before she left to return home to her children.

Surgery Funded - 310.png

Byenech is 50 years old. She had eight children but only five have survived. She is married and her husband is a farmer. She’s had her prolapse for the past three years. She had a successful surgery and will be returning home soon to complete her recovery.