Surgical Success Stories - #189 to #192

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Surgery Funded - 190.png

This is Galtore.  She is probably around 70 and had five children but only one has survived. She’s still married but, like a lot of women, her husband has another wife and does not live with her. She does see him once a week or so for coffee. She’s had prolapse for “at least 7 years” (Dr. Nate guesses that it’s been more than 10). She is still very spunky and brings a smile to everyone’s face that she talks to. She was so happy to have her surgery performed!

Aberash is 45 and was blessed with six children, all of whom are still alive. She’s actually still breastfeeding her youngest and lives with her husband and children. She’s had prolapse for about one year but it quickly became very severe. She is so grateful to be celebrating Ethiopian Christmas next week free of prolapse.


Surgery Funded - 191.png

This is Hana and she is 50 years old. She had seven children and six are still alive. She lives in the Gadalla area with her husband and has had prolapse for 1 year. Thank you to our donors for helping her!

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This is Zenbech who is 60 and had seven children, all of whom are alive. She lives with her husband as well as some of her children. She’s had prolapse for over a year and was so pleased to have surgery.