Surgical Success Stories - #148, #149, #150

Thank you for helping us to change the lives of these women!

Surgery Funded - 148.png

This is Bekelech Gensa, a widow who has had severe prolapse for one year. She has delivered six children but sadly, none are still living. She is so relieved to have had her surgery sponsored by MWAHFE.

Surgery Funded - 149.png

This is Tadelech Tensa, a mom of seven children who has had severe prolapse for 7 years. She had a repair for this condition at another hospital five years ago but it was not successful. She is very grateful to Dr. Mark and the team at Soddo Christian Hospital and for being helped by our generous donors!


Surgery Funded - 150.png

This is Adanech Gedebo, a widow with two children. She has had prolapse for seven years. She had been seen at the hospital a month earlier but had pneumonia and could not be operated on at that time. She is better now and is thrilled to have had her surgery!