Surgical Success Stories - #185 to #188

Surgery Funded - 185.png

This is Balushe, a 57-year-old widow who is a mother of four. She has noticed her prolapse for one year and she was so happy to receive help from MWAHFE.

Surgery Funded - 186.png

This is Bugalech who think that she is 80 years old! She has had prolapse for three years. She has five children and LOTS of grandchildren!  She was healthy enough to have surgery and is so grateful.  

A note from Dr. Nate: “Bugalech was SO appreciative for her surgery!  After I would finish seeing her on rounds she would grab my hand and just start kissing it, showing her gratitude for what was done for her.  I tried to explain that this was not just me, but a team of people as well as a good God who had stepped out to help this sweet lady.  So thank you everyone!”

Surgery Funded - 187.png

Latome is 50 years old. She has had seven children but only three survived. She has suffered from her prolapse for six years and was so pleased to be able to be helped through your kind generosity. 

This is Marta Dache, a 36-year-old who has had prolapse for one year.  She delivered seven children and five are still alive.  She lives with her husband who is a farmer who grows corn and wheat. She was so pleased to be helped today and is grateful for everyone’s kindness and generosity.