Surgical Success Stories - #98, #99 and #100 (WOW!)

We are thrilled to be introducing you to the latest three women who have had their prolapse uterus surgeries sponsored by MWAHFE. What a joy it is to know that 100 women have had their lives changed by the generous donors who have made their surgeries possible!

Ukume Aniulo - 98.JPG

Ukume Aniulo has 10 children and has been suffering with a total prolapse for two years. Now she will be able to live her life again!

Alemitu Chemere has been pregnant nine times but only six of her children are living. She has had a total prolapse for nine months. She says that it is very difficult for her to walk because of this problem and is it very excited to have her life back.

Tirame Fremo has suffered from third degree UVP for more than 2 years. She has been pregnant 10 times and now has seven living children. She was able to make a small down payment towards her surgery but the vast majority was covered by MWAHFE. Thank you for helping this woman regain her dignity.