International Women's Day 2017 - Congratulations to our founder, Shelley!

We have the pleasure to work with so many fabulous women - partners, volunteers, donors, and the women and girls that benefit from our programs. In honour of International Women's Day, each Wednesday this month we will feature one of the incredible women behind our projects here on social media. Today, we start with someone very special - our founder, Shelley Green.

Wow, what can you even say about our founder? 

Shelley Green is an amazing leader and force for good in Canada and Ethiopia, and we are so proud to announce that earlier this afternoon she was presented with the AppreSHEation Award by Oxford County's International Women's Day committee. Shelley was awarded for her work with the Alzheimer Society of Oxford, where she is the executive director, as well as her volunteer side gig (that's us!). 

Now, we promised Shelley there would only be a teeny, tiny post about this award - but it's too perfect an opportunity to pass up on International Women's Day. We're so thankful to be led by such a dedicated, compassionate, and ambitious lady, and we want to say a huge thank you.

Meskelu, from our group home, said Mulu and all the boys in the home are beyond excited to hear that Shelley's been recognized.

"It's a wonderful way to wake up this morning, when I read your mail in front of the boys and Mulu they made a lot of happiness noises. Bereket's jumping and Yabi says "lelelelele" (a favourite Ethiopian way to express joy and excitement). Kaleab was clapping and Mulu was bowing down to glorify God," Meskelu said. "It's a special sound we hear. Today we didn't have enough words to say thanks be to God - we are so amazed and proud of you!"

The Canadian team is so proud of her, too. 

Shelley, thank you for the hundreds of thousands of hours you pour into your work, and the passion and enthusiasm and heart you bring to every task, large and small. 

We are so grateful to have you at the helm.