Surgical Success Stories - #85, #86, #87

We're so pleased to introduce you to the latest three surgery candidates.
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This is Aster Kebede. She has never been pregnant but has cared for her sick husband for many years. It is very unusual for a woman who has never conceived to have third-degree UVP.

Her work is very hard and she has carried heavy loads that has contributed to this condition. She will be undergoing surgery today.

This is Asnakech Manduro. She has been pregnant nine times and has eight living children. She has a very large sister cystocoele/rectocoele and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow.


This is Alemetu Toga. She has delivered six children and has suffered with a third degree prolapse for three years. She is also scheduled for surgery tomorrow.



It has been our great joy to be a part of changing these women's lives!