International Women's Day Profile - Mulu Kassaye, Group Home Mother

We have the pleasure of working with so many fabulous women. In honour of International Women’s Day, this month we will feature three incredible Ethiopian women with whom we work. Today we introduce Mulu Kassaye, Group Home mother.

Mulu is one of those kind and thoughtful souls that is always thinking of others. As the Group Home Mom, Mulu oversees four boys in our home in Addis Ababa, and she is such a wonderful role model.

The very first day our team arrived in Ethiopia, Mulu was at the airport to greet us. She had stayed up until the wee hours of the morning preparing a huge, traditional feast for us to eat, and she treated our team to a beautiful Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

Mulu is always making sure that everyone else has something to eat, somewhere to sit, and the tools they need to be successful. She offers to carry your bag and she would give you the shirt off her back.

Even though language can be a bit of a barrier, Mulu’s joy and kindness shine through. When our team visited the group home, we had such a wonderful time learning about Ethiopian cooking and Mulu’s specialties.

Mulu is also very funny! We cracked up when she led our team through the group home and said she would introduce us to “her office” – the kitchen! It’s truly unbelievable the fabulous cooking that comes out of that modest office.

Mulu makes a huge batch of injera several times a week. It keeps for a few days in a beautiful woven basket. It was so interesting to hear about a favourite Ethiopian spice, hot chili powder, which Mulu makes from scratch by drying hot Kariya peppers in the sun and grinding them into a fine, red powder. She told us that Yabi’s favourite lunch for school is a hamburger and fries!

Keep in mind, she’s doing all of this cooking without running water in the kitchen. Mulu has to go outside into the yard to do dishes or wash any ingredients.

But it’s not just cooking that Mulu does in the group home. She handles all of the finances and provides a strong, stable environment for the boys. 

“Mulu believes that her work as the group home mom is a gift from God and she feels privileged to be able to care for the boys in the home.  She doesn't want to miss anything with the boys and provides love, care, compassion, guidance, discipline, spiritual teaching and a family for them,” said founder Shelley Green.

“She is a shining light and example for God and lives her faith and belief in Jesus every day.”

Mulu is such a strong woman and we could not have a better Mama looking after the Group Home. Thank you so much, Mulu, for all of your hard work and the kindness you show to everyone around you.