Surgical Success Story - #84

Shelley and Megan were two of the team members who were recently in Ethiopia and met some of these beautiful women. When we received Mamite's story and photo shortly after their return home, Shelley had this response: 

This lady’s story has so much more meaning when you have sat down (like Megan and I did) with the women who have had the surgery.  This poor woman has lived through terrible, unimaginable circumstances for the past 6 years.  Thank God, she will have a new life after her surgery!
— Shelley Green, Founder of MWAHFE

From Dr. Mark:
"Please meet Mamite Arma. She is 61 years old who had a fourth degree prolapse. She has been pregnant seven times and has five living children. She has suffered from prolapse for six years, making it too difficult for her to even leave her house. Thank you for making such a difference in her life. God bless you."