Sponsor Profile: Green Private Wealth Counsel, Hollis Wealth

Paul Green

Paul Green

Gems & Java wouldn’t be possible without the support of loyal and generous sponsors like Green Private Wealth Counsel, Hollis Wealth

The Woodstock business is a longtime sponsor. In fact, they’ve supported the event since its humble beginnings six years ago.

Founder Paul Green said that supporting Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia works for him on multiple levels.

“I have a connection with my sister (Shelley Green) being involved and my niece being from Ethiopia, so it’s a natural fit,” he said. 

But even beyond the family connection, Paul said he wants to support the work that Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia is doing with women, children and education projects.

“It fits my overall philanthropic philosophy,” Paul said, noting he tries to support organizations that work with marginalized and disadvantaged kids.

I think it’s brilliant.
— Paul Green

“Kids need the love. They need people in their lives,” he said.

The volunteer power behind Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia is another source of inspiration for Paul.

“I tend to make donations as my way of contributing,” he said. “I look at my sister and I look at all the volunteers in that organization, and it’s pretty hard not to want to help out.”

When Gems & Java was first getting off the ground, Paul admits he didn’t fully understand the vision. But after seeing the success of the first few events, he was quickly converted.

“Women are very social, they like to get together, and they love the opportunity to get stuff if it’s going to benefit them and charity,” he said.

“I think it’s brilliant.”