Surgical Success Stories - #119 to #122!

Thank you to our donors for sponsoring these surgeries and changing these beautiful women's lives!

Surgery Funded (1).png

This is Azalech Chala who has suffered from 3rd° uterine prolapse for one year. She has delivered eight children and four of them are still alive. She is very grateful for your assistance and for making her feel much better!

Surgery Funded (2).png

Please meet Lantore Langana who underwent prolapse surgery on Friday. She is the mother of four children and has suffered from third-degree prolapse for three years. Lantore is doing very well and is very grateful for your help in restoring her dignity. 

Surgery Funded (3).png

Say hello to Adanech Kampeso who delivered six children, three of whom are alive. She has suffered from pelvic prolapse for two years. She is so happy for your help.

Surgery Funded (4).png

This is Dapase Beyene who has been widowed for 20 years. She has delivered six children and five are still living. She has suffered from pelvic organ prolapse for four years. She is so grateful to be relieved from her lower pelvic pain and discomfort.