Introducing a Generous Donor

We are so thankful to Ed and Wilma Haas for their continued generosity and support of our projects in Ethiopia. This summer, Ed and Wilma donated $7,500 to Mothers With A Heart For Ethiopia. Since July of 2013, the Haas family has donated a total of $27,500!

Ed and Wilma have a heart for women and children and have continued to support our efforts as they become aware of the needs in Ethiopia. They recognize that their donations are an opportunity to change lives.  

Wilma Haas said that she and her husband always feel good about donating to Mothers With A Heart For Ethiopia.

"Shelley, along with the rest of the board of directors and many volunteers are so passionate and dedicated; the many hours they put into running this organization is truly impressive. We love the fact that 100% of donations go directly to helping women and children in Ethiopia. Every time we hear Shelley speak at an event, her love and dedication for the people in Ethiopia is very evident and contagious… We could not sit back. We are very confident that our donations are being used in the most effective way to make a difference."

Thank you so much Ed and Wilma for everything you have given and for helping us make a difference in Ethiopia.