We're having a Party, Everybody Singin'....

I think that is how the song goes?  A continuation of our day filled with beautiful children and more beautiful children was our visit to KVI Addis.  We spent the afternoon and a good part of the evening with the children and staff. We did many different activities with the children, blowing bubbles, stickers, a craft, soccer, skipping, face painting, fitting each child with leather shoes, giving each school age child a school kit, giving all other children a toy and a hand knit sweater.

In the evening, we paid KVI to purchase the food to have a big party with an outdoor fire to cook the food, cake and a special drink for each child.

We had a great time with the children!  Even though most of the children cannot speak English, we connected with them and felt their warmth, their gentle spirits and their need to be children having fun.

Thank you KVI for arranging the party and thank you to all of our donors who made these donations possible.  For many of these children, this would be their first pair of leather shoes and their very own school supply kit (with other fun things and personal care items).

The staff at KVI were so excited by our donations and we could easily see their happiness for the children in the gifts they had received.

One child in particular really stood out for me.  Each time we came to work in the KVI store putting our donations together in kits, this child and others would eagerly help us.  However, A stood out because of the way he would take initiative and ensure that the job was getting done well and getting done quickly.  He is sweet, gentle, quite, diligent, helpful, grateful and simply beautiful!  Oh how I would love to give this child and thousands more like him a home.

I think the children sensed the love we have for them.  Eyob, the Executive Director for KVI spoke at the party and told the children that they are a gift from God and that they are special in the eyes of God.  Eyob asked the children to repeat what he said.  I loved that Eyob did this because he is right and what he wants and what all of our volunteers want is for these children to feel they are valued, that they are special in the eyes of God and that they have not been forgotten.



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