St. Jude's School- Compassion With Action

St. Jude's School- Compassion in Action

St. Jude's students in Ingersoll, Ontario are compassionate, caring, motivated and dedicated to helping the children in Ethiopia.

Their campaign "Compassion With Action", challenged the children to raise money by working. The children babysat, walked dogs, cleaned, did errands, created pieces of art for sale and did what they could to earn money.

This group of just over 200 students ages JK to grade 8 raised $1850.00!!!!

The money will be used to purchase 650 pairs of shoes for students at a rural school in the southern part of Ethiopia.

Thank you St. Jude's! Your desire to make a difference in the lives of Ethiopian students has touched my heart and I cannot wait to tell the students in Ethiopia that you have worked hard to show them you care about them.