Gems & Java Woodstock - touched my heart!

It was April 28th, 2012 and our very first Woodstock Gems & Java.  The event was sold out with a waiting list and everything had fallen in to place beautifully.  The Jewellery/Purse Room looked like a beautiful dressing room/boutique with a huge selection of gorgeous jewellery and purses to choose from, the desserts shouted "you cannot resist me", the Silent Auction table invited all to bid with items for everyone's taste and lifestyle and the piano playing of Pam created a background for the afternoon that brought music to our hearts. 

As you entered the hall, you were welcomed by the aroma of freshly brewed Ethiopian coffee and Mehret offering an traditional Ethioipan Coffee Ceremony.

The hall was filled with women of all ages there to support women and children living half way across the world in Ethiopia.  The power of women helping women was felt so deeply and filled my heart so completely, I was brought to tears.

It was my pleasure to provide our guests with a pictures of what my mother and I experienced when we went to Ethiopia to pick up my precious daughter to bring her home to her new country and home in Canada. 

It isn't until you have visited a country like Ethiopia that you can truly understand the depths of poverty and how that poverty impacts the lives of the millions of children and women living there. 

A two-week trip provides limited knowledge of the realties of life in another country but sharing what I learned and felt was what I did for our guests at Gems & Java.  Our guests became aware of how their support could and would make a difference. 

Guests shopped in our Jewellery/Purse room and made donations for many, many beautiful pieces, bid on Silent Auction items and purchased our "2012 Ethiopian Necklace". 

Our first Woodstock Gems & Java raised an incredible $6,600 after expenses!!

The comments as people were leaving that Saturday afternoon in April, 2012 were validating, confirming, touching and encouraging.  We heard "I am definately coming next year and this time, I am bringing my mom and sisters too.", "I loved this afternoon, I feel like we have had a wonderful time and helped make a difference while enjoying ourselves.".

Thank you to all those who made our Gems & Java such a success. 

Thank you for touching my heart!!

Shelley Green