( pronounced   buh-sigh-you )

                      (pronounced buh-sigh-you)



Each bear has a tag with the name of a child who will be supported by your purchase. 


Bears are available at various fundraising events including Gems & Java.
They can also be purchased at the following locations:

Roberts & Co. Ladies Wear at 491 Dundas St.
Maya Health Food Centre at 55 Ingersoll Rd.
Merrifield Book Shop at 471 Dundas St.
South Gate Centre at 191 Wellington St. S
Wilson & Markle at 489 Dundas St.

Roberts & Co. Ladies Wear at 122 Thames St. S
Maya Health Food Centre 127 Thames St. S
Freedom in Christ Church at 1643 Bleams Rd.


Thank you to our volunteer knitters!

We have profiled them on our blog... find it here.